Open Innovation compared to Langer’s Maturity Arcs

Speaking on Open Innovation, Henry Chesbrough quotes Bill Joy, “Not all the smart people in the world work for you” and recognizes the need for a successful organization to identify, recognize and connect to the other smart people. Langer states that from a technical perspective, organizational learning is about the effective processing of, interpretation of, and response to information both inside and outside the organization[1]. The responsive organizational dynamism arc provides a robust mechanism to measure the organizational learning maturation in five developmental stages[2] across four sectors of literacy[3]. It recognizes that the learning maturation involves a steady linear progression from an individual focus toward a system or organizational perspective.

Cognizant a global IT services major, promotes organizational learning and collaboration. Team members are organized as business focused domain verticals and technology expertise horizontals. Project teams comprise of members of varying experience levels from these verticals and horizontals, fostering cross functional knowledge sharing and open exchange of ideas and expertise.

[1] Langer, Information Technology and Organizational Learning (pp 66)

[2] Operational knowledge, Department/unit view as other, Integrated disposition, Stable operations and Organizational leadership

[3] Strategic integration, Cultural assimilation, Organizational learning constructs and Management level

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