Metaverse: Virtual Becomes Real (page 6)

How does one prepare for the Metaverse?

With so many moving parts and an evolving technology stack, it is imperative that leaders identify, train, and empower team members for the specialized skills that will be needed. One can foresee the following job titles and core skill groups becoming relevant:

Job TitleSkillsToday’s Parallels
Experience ArchitectsStorytelling, game development and conjuring innovative new 3D experiencesUser Experience designers, game developers, and business analysts
World BuildersDeveloping the experiences within the chosen Metaverse platformsSoftware developers and Graphics designers
XR SpecialistsDigital anthropology and skills in various Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality systemsUser Interface developers
Ecosystem DevelopersSoftware and hardware interoperability and platforms developmentEnterprise Architects
Cyber-security ExpertsSecuring a multitude of new technology interfaces, platforms, sensors. Ability to identify digital fakesCyber-security Experts
Hardware SpecialistsTraditional infrastructure (hardware, cloud services) and sensory hardware technologies (AR goggles, haptic sensors, etc.,)Infrastructure and Systems Support
Metaverse Jobs

"Metaverse: Virtual Becomes Real" table of contents

  1. Metaverse: Virtual Becomes Real
  2. A Definition
  3. The Stack
  4. The What, Why, Who, and When of the Metaverse stack
  5. Metaverse today and tomorrow
  6. How does one prepare for the Metaverse?
  7. Conclusion

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