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The Stack

The Metaverse “stack” consists of the Network, the Hardware, the Compute resources, the supporting Platforms, the Interop Standards, the Payments mechanisms, the enabling Services and the Users.

Figure 2 The Metaverse Stack

Many of the technology components that make up the metaverse have been around for a long time and are mature, powerful, and ready to be used right away. Other parts of the metaverse are still in the early stages of development and may not be ready for years.

There have been many private and government investments in things like network bandwidth, computing power, and hardware over the years. Interoperability standards, payment systems, and support services are in the early stages of development. There are a wide range of people involved: traditional utility networks, online game developers, social media giants, software and hardware manufacturers, and new-age payment processors.

"Metaverse: Virtual Becomes Real" table of contents

  1. Metaverse: Virtual Becomes Real
  2. A Definition
  3. The Stack
  4. The What, Why, Who, and When of the Metaverse stack
  5. Metaverse today and tomorrow
  6. How does one prepare for the Metaverse?
  7. Conclusion

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