Does Agile work in BPM projects?

There are no IT projects, only business projects. In fact, every IT implementation has a business process component, but not every business process needs to have an IT component. However these days, business innovation increasingly comes from the application of technology. Forrester labels this phenomenon as the transformation from IT to business technology (BT).
Agile has worked wonders in the IT world, delivering technology solution implementations in rapid iterative fashion. The same principles can also be successfully applied to business process transformation efforts as well.
In today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, the ability to win and continue to win in the market place is determined by a firm’s ability to sense, analyze and respond. So, it’s about change, and how one adapts to the change. Having a finger on the pulse of the market, evaluating the latest fads, sensing the latest trends and introducing new products and services will help the organization grow mind share and market share.
Gone are the days of 12 month and 3 years product launch cycles. Research and development is a continuous process and products are released in “beta” formats. Remember how long Gmail was in Beta?
Does Agile work for BPM projects?

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