Metaverse: Virtual Becomes Real

If the rapid innovations especially in the past few years are any indication, a slew of seemingly unrelated technological advances will alter the way we live, work, and play in the digital world.

Any change, big or small, is not the result of a single revolutionary or evolutionary development. Instead, it is the result of a complex and intricate network of interconnected advancements that work together.

The Role of the CIO

Irrespective of whether the enterprise is fighting for survival, maintaining competitiveness, or breaking away, technology plays a vital and pivotal role. The CIO as the “wielder” of this powerful force must balance innovation, keeping the lights on and removing obstacles and deadweight to thrive in this knowledge economy. What is more, he/she needs to perform with agility, on a tight budget and communicate eloquently while maneuvering forward on uncharted territories.