Measuring Software Development Productivity

Management guru Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” While its possible and quite useful to measure productivity in a manufacturing or services world, is it feasible to do so in the world of software development? Obviously one can count the number or widgets cranked out in a hour, or cups of coffee served or patients attended to in a day – but software? Isn’t that like magic?

Scaling Agile

Scaling Agile to large number of teams often leads to problems such as Reliability & Consistency, Quality, Coordination and Communication resulting in chaos.

Management or Leadership?

A simple search for “leadership” on Amazon, returns 125,215 books; while “management” has 946,376 results. So is management more important than leadership? Case closed… Management is more researched and written/published seven fold more. That’s significant!…

The Role of the CIO

Irrespective of whether the enterprise is fighting for survival, maintaining competitiveness, or breaking away, technology plays a vital and pivotal role. The CIO as the “wielder” of this powerful force must balance innovation, keeping the lights on and removing obstacles and deadweight to thrive in this knowledge economy. What is more, he/she needs to perform with agility, on a tight budget and communicate eloquently while maneuvering forward on uncharted territories.

Cricket and Data Science

“Key to Success – When playing outside Asia, score more than 280, since India loses 73% of the matches defending lower scores”. I was immediately mesmerized by this kind of definitive predictions before each innings…